Security Clearances

Denial of a security clearance application or revocation of an existing clearance can cost you access to facilities and cause you to lose your job.  Unlike the typical case, you have the burden of proof.  You must show it is clearly consistent with the national interest to grant or continue a security clearance.

You have the right to a hearing before an administrative judge.  These hearings can seem somewhat informal, but if the government has taken you to this stage, do not expect an easy time.  There s also a further appeal process, but your best chance will be to prevail at the initial hearing.

These cases can appear slower than other types of cases.  However, the judges and prosecutors travel throughout the country and may not be willing to reschedule a hearing once it is set.  And the filing of required paperwork and appeals have strict deadlines that cannot be missed.

If you are serious about challenging a denial or revocation of a security clearance, call for help.