Administrative Separations

Administrative Separations and Boards of Inquiry to separate officers on paper are non-punitive actions.  In reality, they are extremely punitive and can not only affect your future in the military, but your record for the rest of your life.  You could risk an Other Than Honorable discharge on your record, and a loss of retirement and all of your other benefits that you worked so hard to earn.  Many regulations are confusing and even vary from service to service.  A free military lawyer can be appointed, but the quality and interest of this person can vary.  Civilian counsel often helps.  Not only do we likely have better experience, we work for you, not the military.  This means we can work fully in your interest without fear of cross-examining senior officers or otherwise disturbing those behind the prosecution.

Mike and Jesse are both former JAGs and have handled numerous cases on the side of the defense, prosecution, and final administrative reviews.  Once the process starts, you can expect the hearing to be set quickly.  If you want civilian counsel to defend you, call right away.