Juvenile Delinquency

Do not underestimate the seriousness of having a child facing charges.  While each case is different, the consequences can greatly impact how you and your child live, from curfews, restrictions on activities and associates, required classes and community service, to juvenile prison in the most serious of cases.

The direct consequences may often seen fair.  In other cases they are severe and unwarranted.  What effects and surprised most is the effect on the child’s record.

You will be told that the case is not criminal and does not involve a conviction.  When your child grows up and cannot get into the college he or she wishes, looses out on scholarships, and is rejected from jobs and promotions later in life, it feels as bad as any criminal conviction.

I treat these cases as seriously as any adult charged with an offense.  Many children are overcharged or just wrongfully charged.  I will fight to make sure your child’s rights are protected and they are not wrongfully impacted, both now and in the future.