Sex Assaults and Child Abuse

These cases are extremely serious with lifetime consequences. Regrettably, they are some of the most commonly fabricated. Too many people make up allegations hoping to get paid, or to gain an advantage in a divorce or child custody case. Others bring false allegations out of pure vindictiveness or because they are mentally disturbed.

If you have been accused of a sex crime or child abuse, you need thorough preparation of the case to get the best possible result. Even first offenses can sometimes carry life in prison. And sex offender probation can be extremely difficult and keep you away from your kids, even if the incident was between adults. Required sex offender registration can cost you your job and your home.

The police and prosecution tend to treat these as “he said, she said” cases and often prosecute then without other evidence. They know the public outrage against these crimes and rely on that outrage instead of conducting a decent investigation.

I explain all your options, including investigating your accuser and getting witnesses to your good character. If you go to trial, I may convene a confidential mock jury to help prepare you for what a real jury will think.

Whether you are looking to fight false allegations or are simply looking for a fair deal, I will work hard to be thoroughly prepared and work for the best possible outcome.