Direct Appeals

There are various ways to try to get a decision overturned.  The most common way is a direct appeal where you seek review from a judge or panel of judges higher than the trial judge.  Everyone convicted at trial has this right.  While this is generally difficult, this is usually the best chance to fix an erroneous trial verdict.  Writing a persuasive appeal is difficult work, with many legal requirements and confusing rules.  In fact, most attorneys will simply refuse to handle an appeal.

Depending on the type of case, there could be subsequent levels of the appeal after the direct appeal.  At the state level, the losing side before the District Court or Colorado Court of Appeals can ask the Colorado Supreme Court to hear the case.  Sometimes, there is a federal level of review after this.  In the federal system, some types of cases go through specialized appellate courts, a District Court Judge, a Circuit Court of Appeals, and finally, a request for review by the United States Supreme Court.

I handle cases on appeal and have experience with complicated and novel issues.  You have a very limited time in which to file your notice to appeal.  If you wish to explore this option, please do not delay.